Fall Collections Preview: Jack Victor

We are pleased to present the Jack Victor LookBook for the autumn season, here.  Please take this opportunity to look through it and get some inspiration for your style this fall.  As always, we would be happy to arrange a style consultation for you in-store at your convenience, so call today or come in.

The Gios Semi-Annual Sale is Here! Stampede to Gios Today!

The Stampede is over, but our Semi-Annual Sale is still here!  Receive up to 50% off items in-store.  For a limited time, we will also be offering additional savings:
5% off any purchase over $250
10% off any purchase over $500
15% off any purchase over $1,000


Stampede to Gios today, because these deals can’t last forever!  The Semi-Annual Sale ends on July 31st, so we encourage you to come as soon as possible.  We hope to see you in-store soon.

What Makes Our Made-to-Measure a Cut Above?

It may seem like made-to-measure is everywhere these days, and it’s no surprise — the modern man appreciates the fit of a garment made just for him.  But does that mean all made-to-measure is alike?  Of course not !

The perfect fit is only one part of the perfect garment.  The quality of the materials, the care given to the craftsmanship, and the selection of the finer details are what makes a made-to-measure garment perfect for you. Our expertise and experience will guarantee that you receive the very best made-to-measure garment — one that not only fits you, but also represents you.

During our Made-to-Measure event, you can experience this level of quality for 20% off the normal price.  Receive 20% off on all made-to-measure suits, sport coats, trousers, shirts, and leatherwear — all made with pride in Canada.

We invite you to come in for a consultation and discover what’s involved in our made-to-measure program.